PaE:CG project has produced the following components for implementing its vision and architecture:

  • Software, available here
    • User Agent Plug-in for assisting people in generating, validating, and managing consent receipts within their web browsers.
    • Server component for assisting data controllers and service providers in generating, validating, and managing consent receipts through their web servers.
    • Consent Gateway for acting as a trusted third party in the consent receipt process as a witness, and for providing additional services.
    • Consent Receipt: a documentation of information required for validating and demonstrating the validity of consent in the form of a record of information associated with the consent process. Links to deliverable: PDF, Zenodo (archive)

Final (combined) deliverable which outlines the outcomes of the Privacy as Expected: Consent Gateway (PaE:CG) project. Links to deliverable: PDF, Zenodo (archive)

Other than these, the PaE:CG project also had the following outcomes and impacts:

International Workshop on Consent: PaE:CG is organising an International Workshop on Consent Management in Online Services, Networks and Things (COnSeNT) co-located with the IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy, scheduled to take place on 7-SEP-2021. Read call for papers and more details.

Contributions to ISO/IEC 27560 which represents ongoing stnadardisation efforts of information structures for consent records. See ISO/IEC 27560 page for more details about the standard.

Kantara Advanced Notice & Consent Receipt (ANCR) Working Group created for continuation of project’s aims and outcomes. See ANCR page for more details.

Identiverse presentation on notice applications on video surveillance and facial recognition.

Publications in peer-reviewed venues - see publications page